Our Solutions

Our HP 20000 can print on substrates up to 30 inches wide in CMYK plus white. Printing directly from digital files means no costly plate or setup charges, saving you both time and money. Digital printing allows for highly personalized variable printing with content-driven directly from your CRM data. This means more relevant messaging, improved response rates, and a greater return on your packaging spend!

HP Indigo 25000 Digital Press

Our company is built around Hewlett Packard’s Indigo 25000 digital flexible packaging press. With the previous digital printing experience from our sister company Acculink, we’ve truly maximized the capabilities of our press.

Maximum web width – 30 inches (762mm)
Maximum print width – 29.1 inches (739mm)

Color-Logic Certified Printer


We are the first flexible packaging provider that offers integration with Color-Logic’s technology. Providing the opportunity to emboss your package with foil-like effects, without adding additional production time. 

Finishing Equipment

PCT E-beam Coater/Laminator

The E-beam machine allows us to eliminate the step of laminating an additional film on top of our printed product. Not only does this cut down on production time & material cost, but it is also better for the environment. For those applications where laminating is needed, our dual function machine works as a laminator with immediate curing of the E-beam adhesive. 

Rewinder Slitter

Our Slitter rewinder gives us the versatility to slit down 30 inch wide rolls to rolls for form-fill-seal machine production.

Sun Centre SCSP 600XL

Our pouch machine gives us the flexibility to produce multiple styles of pouches such as:

  • Two side seal
  • Three side seal
  • Stand-up gusseted pouch

Minimum pouch width of 3.0″ without closure.
Minimum pouch width of 3.25″ with closure.

Modern Manufacturing Pacer-356SUP

Our new Modern Manufacturing Pouch machine operates on a Servo driven system. This system incorporates machine learning into our pouch-making process, making it easier for our operators. Its addition doubles our pouch-making capacity, and in turn, reduces our lead time!

Spout Inserter

Our spout inserter opens up our facility to even more packaging opportunities for liquid products with 11mm Menschen spouted cap.


There are countless uses of flexible packaging film structures in the marketplace. We carry a number of these films in-house to give us the capability to produce smaller quantities with less time waiting on supplies. This decreases our lead times and increases our proficiency further with these films.

Bio Based Films

  • ReEarth™ 3.3 mil CL Laminate SUP 75GaClCello//2.5 mil CL compostable sealant
  • ReEarth™ 3.4 mil Metallized Laminate SUP 90GaMETCello//2.5 mil CL compostable sealant

Metallized Film

  • 4.0 mil Metallized web (foil look) 48GaMetPET//3.5 mil CL mLDPE

White Films

  • 4.5 mil White HB LDPE
  • 3.5 mil SUP Laminate(EVOH) 48Ga PET//3.0 mil Wh.EVOHCoex

Clear Film

  • 4.5 mil Clear HB LDPE
  • 3.5 mil SUP Laminate(EVOH) 48Ga PET//3.0 mil CL. EVOHCoex

Closure Types


This is our standard zipper closure and our most popular closure option with a directional tear flange to assist in the initial opening of the pouch. A tear notch is standard with this closure to facilitate the directional tear flange.


A hook-n-hook styled closure perfect for reusable applications. An exciting alternative to our press-to-close closure.

Bio-Based Press-to-Close

The Bio-based closure is only available on Bio-Based films.

Child Resistant

This closure is mainly used by our clients with Cannabis or CBD-based products. It is only compatible with our 4.0 mil metalized film.


Used with Doyen Seal Pouches, ideal for packaging containing liquid.


Hanger Hole

A hanger hole is ideal for smaller pouches that will be hung on a pegboard. Three-side-seal and two-side-seal pouches are our most popular pouch style for this feature.

Tear Notch

Tear notches assist in the first opening of the product. This feature is standard on our Press-to-Close closure option. This can be added to other closure options if desired.

Rounded Corners

A luxury feature for those that desire a more custom look to their packaging.