Our Story

AccuFlex Packaging

A division of AccuLink, located in Greenville, North Carolina, and founded September 2019.

Our History

Our parent company, AccuLink, was started in 1980 by Tom O’Brien to serve the copying and commercial printing requirements of the local businesses. Following several relocations to larger buildings, the growth over the last 5 years has been significant as Tom has led the company into “print-on-demand” printing and fulfillment for major west coast e-commerce companies. His vision for the next step in the business evolution and future growth is in the dynamic area of flexible packaging, which led to the creation of the newest division, AccuFlex Packaging.

Our Focus

Our efforts within the flexible packaging market will be to focus on sustainable film options for the industry. Working with industry leaders and visionaries, we will help bring to market BOTH recyclable and compostable grades to the small to mid-sized manufacturers located in the southeast United States.

Our Roots

Our roots at AccuLink have led us to be a fast turnaround business, handling thousands of orders DAILY. Many of our customized, print-on-demand orders may be ordered for a single unit. This same philosophy of handling small to micro-small orders of packaging, with high-quality graphics, and fast turnaround is the business model of AccuFlex Packaging.

Our Customers

Our customer focus will be on the manufacturers of snacks, confectionery products, coffee, and granola/cereals. In addition, opportunities within the pet food arena will also be explored. The ability of these regional companies to bring their product to market with a unique package that stands out and differentiates itself on the store shelf is the first step to getting their product into a shopper’s cart or into that e-commerce order. Doing so on time can mean the difference between having that opportunity to sell your product, and solidifying a long-term customer relationship, as well as business growth, versus missing out on that opportunity.