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Bio-Based Packaging Stars Digitally Printed Nebula

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In five months, 20,000 different Nebula Snacks wrappers have been created…and as many unique bars.

Startup Nebula Snacks is reaching for the stars by leveraging the power of packaging to attract health-conscious consumers including vegans and diabetics.

Through the magic of digital printing, every bar wrapper is different, a theme the brand doubled down on by making every bar different, too.

The unusual name originates from the brand’s mission to “create and promote snacks made with better-for-you ingredients with ‘out-of-this-world delicious’ taste,” says David Jacobowitz, co-founder.

Nebula Snacks launched online on Thanksgiving 2021 with a commitment to natural and sustainable products — the bars are free of added sugars or animal by-products and centered on natural vegan recipes — and sustainable packaging.

The snacks' on-package claim is "Wrappers made with Bio-Based Materials".

That appears on the back of the wrapper. Other on-wrapper callouts: Sugar-Free Planet, Plant-Based Planet, Sustainable Packaging Planet, and OU Kosher Certification

Supplied by AccuFlex Packaging, the snack wrappers are made of REE34WSUP from S-One‘s ReEarth line. It’s a prelaminated structure composed of a Futamura-supplied cellophane print layer and a proprietary bio-sealant layer.

While the current films are not certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute, Nebula Snacks’ next product run will include a closely related BPI-certified compostable film from S-One, REE34MSUP, that’s replacing the “W”-grade version.

Accuflex tells us that the wrapper provides a minimum one-year shelf-life, though brands using the material are encouraged to conduct tests to determine the “Best By” date. It explains that “materials stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment are likely to see an extension of that one year.”

Nebula Snacks set a two-year shelf life, Jacobowitz says. “Best By dating is listed on our eCommerce shipping box rather than the wrappers because our bars are sold exclusively online at the moment.”

Digital vision and details for 20,000 unique wrappers.

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